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Our Background

At Free Franchise Advisor, we know all the challenges of starting up, owning and operating a small business all by ourselves. Because we have done it-several times over the years-and without the benefit of any formal training. We have gone to the (often times very expensive) "school of personal experience". We have learned what the issues are-what makes a business successful and what doesn't. One thing we also discovered along the way is that you can save time and money and increase your chances for success, by finding and buying a good quality franchise. But unfortunately, not all franchises are equal! And even among the very good ones, not all of them are a good fit for any particular individual!

We also know what it's like to look for and buy a franchise, and have all the questions you have, and be just as overwhelmed as you are. Because we have also bought franchises ourselves in the past. Unfortunately, we did not have the benefit of a Franchise Consultant. We didn't know there was such a thing! We'll never do THAT again! That was an expensive lesson for us, and we are very fortunate to have survived intact!

Our Loss Can Be Your Gain

Fortunately, YOU don't have to go through what we went through! YOU can benefit from the lessons we have learned the hard way! We have educated and equipped ourselves to be able to help YOU find a good quality franchise that fits well with your particular skillsets, needs, budget, and available time, so that you can have the potential to maximize your chances for success. And we are now able to offer these services at no cost to you! Why not give us a chance to help save you time and money, and find the best possible fit for your individual situation?

Some Things to Consider

Here are a few things we have learned about franchises:

  • There are literally thousands of franchises out there to wade through and choose from, in a broad range of industries.
  • Some of them are established proven models with high success rates. Others are new emerging concepts that could be a ground floor opportunity, but are often less "proven" models with higher innate risk.
  • Some franchises have high franchisee satisfaction rates, while others don't.
  • Some are geared towards people who simply want to "buy a job" without paying a fortune to do so. Others have the true potential to help you build a business "empire" and make you successful beyond your wildest dreams. (Can you tell the difference?)
  • Some of them will require your active daily full time involvement. Others can successfully become "absentee owner" operations.
  • Some require that you have some particular kind of specialized experience. Others actually prefer that you have no background at all in their industry, and want to fully train you.
  • Some provide extensive training and ongoing support and mentoring. Others will help you get launched but then leave you pretty much on your own to sink or swim.
  • Some have great low cost marketing plans built into their model that will help you successfully build your business. Others rely upon marketing plans that are very expensive to sustain.

So here is something to ask yourself: How much time and energy and know-how do you have to sort through all of these issues and more, and find a franchise that would be a really great match for your abilities and needs? Wouldn't you like some help from someone who has the knowledge and resources to match you up with a franchise that fits YOUR unique abilities and needs?

We'd love to help YOU!

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